Commercial Real Estate

The Recycled Materials Group offers several services for real estate agents, including container rentals, universal waste recycling, furniture and fixture liquidations, and our standard electronics recycling and decommissioning.

Recycling for Commercial Real Estate

Industry Challenges
  • the commercial real estate industry creates immense amounts of waste throughout the construction and operational phases
  • Daily office waste may include stationary and packaging, leading to excess paper and cardboard
  • mechanical and electrical equipment, and office furniture may also become surplus to requirements at certain times
How We Help

We can support all parts of your clean out and shut down projects including:

  • Broom Swept Clean Outs
  • Container Rentals
  • Universal Waste Recycling
  • Furniture and Fixture Liquidation
  • Electronics Recycling and Decomissioning
  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling